I respect

I respect🙏 Scanning my body today, practicing being present. It hit me. I was holding energy ..as I settled in and listen to my body..the question came: What do I respect? My mantra today: I respect. But what do I respect? My decisions, my body, my time, my space or inner wisdom?

As I spoke to my daughter I knew I should be her example. She isn’t feeling well; school, holidays; this time of the year is too much for her. So this morning she pretended to be sick. I told her don’t. If you want to stay home it is ok, but be honest. Honesty to yourself first and then you can be honest to others. It is hard!

It starts with respect for yourself, your mind, your body and your soul. But If you can respect yourself,  then you feel safe and happy with yourself. Then you are able to tell and share your story, feelings or opinions with others. And you then can be honest to yourself and the other. So take the first step and practice being present and ask yourself: what do I respect?🙏


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